In 2012, Carl began painting in the corner of his kitchen as a hobby. The following year, he converted his garage into a makeshift studio so he could paint on a larger scale and soon started experimenting with distortion in portraiture.

In 2014, Carl was lucky enough to exhibit his work at the Royal Academy of Arts, London after being shortlisted for BBC One's Summer Arts Competition. 

Since then his work has been featured by some notable contemporary art magazines from across the globe including Hi-Fructose, Cultura Colectiva, Beautiful/Decay and Beautiful Bizarre.


In 2016, Carl was selected as one of 25 artists to be included in the publication "25 Pages: Masters of Paint" and in the December of that same year, one of his paintings was chosen to be displayed on the London Underground as part of Creative Debuts #ArtForTheUnderground campaign.

2017 saw Carl picked to take part in an exhibition run by Creative Debuts & Co-Founder of Instagram, Mike Krieger and in 2018 he was one of ten artists commissioned by Disney to produce an artwork for the U.K exhibition celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse.


Carl is currently painting in his spare room at home.

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