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READING, UK (b. 1988)

Approaching art in the same way a child would by trying to limit the inevitable edits of an adult brain, Carl attempts to tap into the source at it's purest state: A thirty-something going back to the roots of play and creation. The equivalent of making something from a big box of Lego without the instruction booklet.


Misremembered childhood memories and surreal fever dreams clash with popular culture and nature to form fleshy Frankenstein creations built with harsh brutalist angles. His work has been described as both joyous and disturbing, often rocking back and forth between the two within a single image. Science textbooks and medical diagrams merge with elements of portraiture to build an uncanny world: Spare parts we've all seen, welded together in a unique way. Overwhelmed in an internet age and happily inconsistent, his sporadic and chaotic imagery continues to develop to form something new.


The varied nature of Carl's work has led him to exhibit work at the Royal Academy of Arts, be commissioned by Disney and have collectors of his work all over the world that include Kojey Radical, Alloysious Massaquoi (Young Fathers) and Grammy winner Leon Bridges.

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